Lyrics – This Shit Is Golden


Jubilee put on your whitest dress,
I have to confess
I wann take you out to town with me
I suppress all the times you said no to me,
I have the perfect little place we could go

Every time you don’t make a noise while I
attend to you I could just scream
And I know that the gardener will
keep his bloodied mouth shut and his dick clean

You disapprove of my methods,
well I don’t give a shit
No one cares for you opinion
not even one little bit

You are nothing to the world,
but you’re everything to me
you are more than my girl,
you are my jubilee

And I think I see the face
of our God and it fucks me fine,
while I do you in kind
just remember that pleasure is
mostly just felt from behind
so gimme babe, just a little bit
just a litte more

Jubilee you heard what I said, so
be a good girl, now get dressed
you will go out with me

Could you find some more warmth in your eyes
and talk to me just a little while
These silent dinners keep crushing my sould and I’m
hugging my pillow while trying not to cry

During days my convictions
are solid as gold
don’t you dare contradicting me,
you won’t get old

While the world will never know
what you mean just to me
you are more than my trophy
you’re my Jubilee

I know I said to
shut up but I
wish that you could be much
more my honey

Although our dreams may
differ, I would
hope one day you’ll love me
too, my baby

And I think I see the face
of our God and it fucks me fine,
while I do you in kind
I will be there for you just in time


Wrapped around my scarred warm bark
you grew on me, just way too far
your scent entices wilder prey
so stay away

You said we’re gonna take it slow
now you just sit there grow and flow
into abysses I must go
I love you so

Where people look we’re never seen
And too much blood, it looks obscene
Of all the worlds we’re doomed to roam
Let’s go home

You seem to make me calm
So I feel sweet and warm
You love the way I changed for you
I love you too

Let me be
Set me free
Let me live my life in sin and luxury

You’re poisonous but feel so good
You feed me more than anyone should
You water down my heart of wood
Like no one could

You’re way too sweet to be with me
Your heart’s too strange to let It be
With wily charms I made you mine
for all the time

It was so long ago, I saw you walking down the street
I asked if you would ever just be mine
I didn’t think you’d say yes within a heartbeat
I wondered if I ever felt so fine

You tucked your hair behind your ears and smiled so gently
I didn’t need to hear from anyone but you
And all my family was upset understandably
but their approval wasn’t what I needed, true

Love can make a sorrowful into a smiling idiot
Friends are overrated next to you
I didn’t want more freedom in my life, though I considered it
If anything since I stopped thinking I started laughing too

Never let go
Never show me
Never must I know how it
feels without you


Oh honey, wear off your disguise,
I found your big black book of little white lies
everyday of your life just a big charade
would you part from it cherie

Stuck up, going to the same old home
everyday, working hard to pay up your loans
‚till you’re 35,
and you haven’t lived a day in your life, so come on, get down

Would you compromise
though we don’t know who lies
we could share some blow
and make our way down low to
México, would you cry
if you saw free skies
I know we’d get by and
High, high

We both know, you’re a class A bitch,
front row from the first day of school, a snitch,
you would never smoke, for you can’t make sense
of every fool, who’s ignorant to

the power of the lord above, you’d like to be
bathed, caressed, showered in his love, ‚cause
your man can’t give you what you need, now you’re
praying your life away, mmm, a little

weed could help to mellow you out,
though myself I have my doubts about what we would
need to get your stuck up ass unwound
I don’t think this drug has yet been found

come on, don’t hesitate, I know
we gotta get fucking high before we get down low
ohh mama, I don’t care how you look,
with that brown hair, white nose I’m hooked

Siren’s Call

Feel the wild sea’s cold embrace
When the deepest winds cut up your face
Where the lonely men die down below
The rocks that glisten foolish so

Keep your backpack warm and livers tight
For you will just dine on eel tonight
Dark temptations out of sight
Your foolish men come here to fight

Hear the Siren’s Call

Isles where no one looks
And your deep desires on the hook
When your fastest way out keeps you slow
And the answer’s always down below

Our heart beats intertwined
Even though you’ll be my prey tonight
Every Sailor has forever known
That with us you’ll find eternal homes

Rotten Socks

Love me honey, like you did last morning
kiss my eyes goodnight, I don’t wanna use them anymore
touch me, when I see evening skies
just give your body, I don’t care if you lie,
or if you cry

So fuck me
take away all purity,
a shot of heroin
I just want to be free

You are my whole world, well
you and the little baggies,
I wanna fill you from the inside out, yeah

I wanna love you anyway I can
and feel that I’m alive babe

If I could keep observing all the stars
you showed me last time I’d be glad

There are still some holes within me and
you that need a filling so bad

I don’t wanna be
a simple memory
I just wanna have some sex on drugs, yeah

I don’t plan to see
your fucking eulogy
I just wanna feel some sex on drugs, yeah

I feel brutalized
horny and despised
I feel like I could be one with you, babe

I feel traumatized
nipples cauterized
I just want to be free

Wear me honey, like a rotten sock
any day I’m here with you is everything I want from this world
I will confess my sins, if you promise me punishment
I will not better myself, ‚cause I got what I needed in the end

White Ham

Tall man won’t you give me directions
I’ll go anywhere I want
a taste of sweet life, like always perplexing
I’m a Hedonist savant

Just one day, where I get to be king here
any more I could not ask
One day, where I feel I could sing here
I would gladly do this task

So dusty, moist and fine

Anytime I could get my hands on this
Anytime I ever need

Just give me some of
white ham
feel my ire
if you can

Tell me man, I can feel your reservations
about letting me in there
you haven’t seen my deepest frustrations
silent kneeling full of prayer

Anywhere I go is dark now
lifeless piece of shit I am

Can I tell you how I feel
I’m gonna feel good
Pleasure makes my life feel
real I’m gonna feel good

I will get another slice
Can I tell you how I feel, I feel alright

Help me get out of my fucking comfort zone
help me get out of my fucking life


I see my life flash by
so many people I don’t recognize
all gone

no problem friends,
soon I’ll be coming home

Just 40 minutes now
a little tight commute
my stomach may be ready yet,
but I’m too scared for now to shoot

That’s why the pills look friendly now
and why my hand is calm again
I feel as one with worlds beyond
and trust my souls to psalms, my friend

I drag my cigarette to my mouth
inhale as I feel warmer then
I cry myself to troubled sleep
as I write down with shitty pen

no problem friends,
soon I’ll be coming home

My coat keeps resting by my side
he troubles me no more for now
I feel obsessed, no place to hide
this big black bird won’t leave somehow

His stare too deep for human eyes
to comprehend his motives there
a guardian’s quest to distant skies
and ashtrays next to ice cold beer

Where cigarettes will never cease
and you don’t have to taste them sober
where friends can come to visit you
for little time, before it’s over

no problem friends,
soon I’ll be coming home

I’ll take my leave
Thanks for your time
I’ll see myself out
goodbye for a while

keep waiting friends
soon I’ll be coming home

Peasants & Kings

Babe, have you heard the news
all the things we fought for are ‚bout to die
Crazed militant maniacs
and I feel like I can’t bring myself to try

I stand tall with losers by my side
I don’t know what tomorrow brings
I stand tall with just you by my side
Same old tale of peasants and kings

Suck it in, suck it in, suck it in now
there’s just no way that we could win

Low-points of history
often do announce themselves in good disguise
Fragile family values
often forgotten bigotry comes back to shine

Can you hear me now
For the colors of the rainbow are falling
And the fires in our hearts are burning down

Can you hear me no
And the citys in this world are appaling
And I feel like I could give myself to drown
And I know I am losing control


I feel warm
deep down fuzzy inside,
I won’t hide no more
from anyone, let me

Soar, clear skies not a
care in the world,
everyone silent
just my breath in the air, I am

Free, I can’t get myself to
believe I’m here,
and I think I can see
where skies end, see me

Smile, all the ones I
used to know are gone,
I feel the quiet,

And I think that I’m gonna be alright
I think that I’m gonna be alright
I am here
I am free